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Sheltering & Feeding

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Cows which might be deserted via way of means of their proprietors or stored from the fingers of butchers are delivered to our Gaushala. These cows come from a terrible time wherein a few are disabled or deeply injured, even combating for his or her existence. ‘Kapila Gaushala’ is an area wherein such cows can name it their home. All those cows are fed, sheltered, and seemed after. We deliver all of the centers that adhere to the welfare of cows which incorporates right feed, dealing with centers, shelter, spherical-the-clock health practitioner and elimination of any situations which could inflict strain on cows.

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Hundreds of Gausewaks paintings spherical the clock to appearance after them. These Gauvansh are fed with a combination of fodder that consists of wheat, mustard cake, inexperienced grass, bhusa (Husk) and jaggery. They are given masses of water and feature acres of land to transport around.

We make preparations in order that our stored cows experience a very good existence till their herbal death. We additionally offer cows with ideal hospital therapy and nutritious food. We have a crew of an professional crew of medical doctors who appearance after those cows and administer them high-satisfactory medicines. The maximum vital issue at our Gaushala is the affection and determination from our Volunteers and well-wishers. Our Volunteers increase their offerings to store cows from Slaughterhouses and from merciless transporters. We also are endeavouring to Indian cows and store them from extinction.

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