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Welcome to Kapila Gausewa

Kapila gaushala has started Gaushala with a vision of bringing the glory and majesty of mother cow back to its original form as it used to be in Krishna' s time. By the grace of the Lord Almighty, the Kapila Gaushala Gaushala Project is becoming a heavenly abode of rescued cow and enhancing by leaps & bounds every day. The Gaushala is not only taking care of sick, abandoned cows, but is also helping the environment, and striving to provide many resources to the surrounding community.

Our whole life and working is essentially driven by aforesaid fundamental principles led by our Master. We will uncompromisingly & unflinchingly keep growing, saving and protecting the cow wealth, parenting deprived one and making the Gaushala a wonder place of astonishment for people to visit and explore the actual grandeur of heavenly being ‘Mother Cow’.



Kapila Gausewa History

Launched on 2nd Oct August 2021 on the auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanti, kapilagausewa.com gives you the opportunity to make your contribution and help the movement of cow protection and cow sewa.

From kapilagausewa.com, now people around the world will have the opportunity to bring a touch of home, and Vedic tradition with them by donating for cows around the world – Go- For- Gau Seva.

Kapila Gausewa has the ability and potential to unite people from all walks of life in a way very few projects can and you all have the ability to create global change by helping our Goshala to helping look after and love those cows for the pleasure of Krishna and Radha Rani.

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